Subreddit JSON info inconsistent and nondescriptive. #287

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We're using the url[SUBREDDIT]/about/.json to grab information about certain subreddits, but when it comes to invalid input for the subreddit name the response is vague and sometimes inconsistent.

If you try and request information from a nonexistent subreddit (eg., you are sometimes redirected to the subreddit search feature (html) rather than given a JSON response indicating an invalid request.

For private subreddits (, we rightfully receive the response {error: 403}, but it would be nice to have some additional information returned indicating the specific error like with POST requests, as we use an object hook to generate user-friendly exceptions off of your error messages.

Similarly with nonexistent, banned, and invalid subreddits, a vague response of {error: 404} is generated.

I haven't done a whole lot of poking around into the code (beyond the standard API calls), but is it beyond the scope of the .json syntax to handle more complicated error scenarios?

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