Reddit doesn't warn about long passwords at login #298

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After the closure of bug #101 #101 , reddit neither warns nor truncates long passwords at logins, though it does warn during registration. This does not affect new users, but old users who registered during the previous behavior with long passwords have a really really hard time finding out why they can't login. I believe a couple of the r/help posts may be related, and it's an easy fix, just say something about "reddit doesnt accept passwords over 20 characters" instead of "invalid password!"

To reproduce this, go back in time to before bug #101 was closed0, register an account with a longer-than-20-character password, log in with that same password for years until its not silently truncated anymore and then try to log in. Try to log in multiple times, incurring the wrath of the exponentially increasing login lockout, finally give up and poke around the bugs for a while until you find bug #101, finally login after waiting for your lockout to expire and manually truncating your password.

Hey, I'd like to fix this issue. Do you know where I can find the relevant code? (I'm new.) Thanks a lot.


spladug commented Dec 16, 2014

I'm going to close this as it's probably not relevant anymore. I'm sorry it caused you issues :(

spladug closed this Dec 16, 2014

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