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ModLog: Filtering by mod and action is currently raising NotImplementedError #307

spladug opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Neil Williams Max Goodman
Neil Williams
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/controllers/validator/', line 137 in newfn
  return fn(self, *a, **kw)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/controllers/', line 461 in new_fn
  return fn(self, **kw)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/controllers/validator/', line 137 in newfn
  return fn(self, *a, **kw)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/controllers/', line 398 in GET_moderationlog
  mod=mod, action=action)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/controllers/', line 383 in _make_moderationlog
  pane = listing.listing()
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/models/', line 67 in listing
  self.things, prev, next, bcount, acount = self.get_items()
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/models/', line 58 in get_items
  builder_items = self.builder.get_items(*a, **kw)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/models/', line 348 in get_items
  done, new_items = self.fetch_more(last_item, num_have)
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/models/', line 321 in fetch_more
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/lib/db/', line 904 in _after
  column_name = self.obj_to_column(thing).keys()[0]
File '/nfs/home/spladug/src/public/r2/r2/lib/db/', line 1055 in _obj_to_column
  columns = [{obj._id: obj._id} for obj in objs]
File 'wrapped.pyx', line 551 in r2.lib.wrapped.Wrapped.__iter__ (./r2/lib/wrapped.c:8822)
Max Goodman

This seems to be working in production. Is this issue still present?

Neil Williams

This does indeed appear fixed. Closing.

Neil Williams spladug closed this
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