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It certainly worked in December, and I believe some of January, but I cannot say for sure when it stopped working.

The URL that one will eventually end up at by following the application/rss+xml link is but that URL is returning a valid RSS document but with no entries in it. Based on the title ("reddit: the front page of the internet" instead of the previous "reddit - mdaniel - saved stories"), it is not even trying to find my saved stories.

It returns this entry-less document regardless of whether one is logged in or not.

While this may be a separate issue, that "eventually" word above is a problem, too. The application/rss+xml declares the link to be but that link yields a series of 302 redirects that result in the ssl URL above. Why not just change the link href to point to the correct destination?


You can use the feed listed in instead, as those work.

It doesn't require you to be logged in or to have to deal with cookies either.


@DEADB33F Thank you, I did not know about those links.

But the presence of those links emphasizes my point: why have a link[@rel=alternate] that points to a page that does not work when there is a known working link (specifically I'm discussing /saved here)?

Not everyone will be fortunate enough to discover that prefs page (I would not have thought to look there) or to have someone help them on github.


Wow, I couldn't figure out why my RSS feeds hadn't updated since last August in Reader either. All the existing blog talk about Reddit RSS is mostly from the 2007-2010 timeframe. Lucky to have stumbled in here. I never thought to check the pref page either. Thanks for the help.

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