Currently sending two copies of each comment header #422

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comment_skeleton.html currently sends both the collapsed version of a comment and the uncollapsed version.

It seems like it might be better to send just one, and have the collapse/uncollapse logic apply appropriate styles/changes to it.


You'll find many examples in the current frontend where when content needs to be swapped / changed between different modes, it's simply rendered multiple times in the templates. Implementing such UI logic in JS will be cleaner but it's easy to write bloated jQuery code if it's not structured well. Without advocating against changing it in the short term, I think Backbone or another MVC framework will make it much easier to organize such template wrangling code than what we're working with today.

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Fixed by @bsimpson63 in a44c297.

@spladug spladug closed this Dec 16, 2014
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