API sometimes returns empty "children" but non-null "after" #467

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I've found that for one of my test accounts on reddit.com, the API will return an empty "children" array for the frontpage Listing, but "after" has a value. I don't think this makes sense.

Today for example, http://api.reddit.com/top?t=hour the children list is empty. When logged out or using one particular account, "after" is null. But for another account, "after" has a value of "t3_vdtvc" which doesn't make much sense to me. I thought "after" was used to retrieve the next page. But if page 1 is empty, "after" should be null too.


Have you hidden the 25 items that would otherwise be present? (that would still be a bug but would point to its cause)


Thanks for the reply @ketralnis. I had not hidden any items. Well, I can't get the problem to manifest anymore. I guess I'll close this github issue for now. Thanks.

@talklittle talklittle closed this Jun 25, 2012
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