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Votes disappear on link submissions when submitter is deleted #504

GaryKing opened this Issue · 4 comments

1 participant


For link submissions, if the submitter deleted their username so that it appears as "[deleted]", votes don't hold when voting on these links. So, the only way to remove them from the link list is to hit "hide" on them.


In addition, submissions hidden like this do not appear in the "hidden" tab in my account.


I also noticed that submissions submitted by "[deleted]" users cannot be saved.


Okay, so I understand that deleted submissions should not appear in submission listings, anyway, and although they don't appear on the frontpage, they do appear in the Top view for all subscribed reddits. I can't remove them because "save", "vote", and "hide" have no affect on them. So what's the best way to make deleted submissions disappear from the Top view?


It looks like this was fixed recently. Anyone able to point me to the commit for that?

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