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jcrza commented Nov 1, 2012

I'm the author of JordanTheBrobot. I've been fighting spam on reddit for about two weeks, with great results. The spammers have recently figured out my, and every bot's weakness, editing their comment.

As soon as their comment is off the feed all of our bots are blind to it. What I need is a feed at that shows all comments edited, regardless of if it earned an asterisk, as long as the comment was edited after submission. This would disallow spam posts being hidden from bots like JordanTheBrobot, who relies on text analysis of every comment to work well.

For example: This spammer has been spamming all day, using a new URL (a new one every day) that I don't have any record of in my spam filter. Notice the asterisk next to the commenter's name on the bottom comment? He figured it out. This guy goes around every single day, new domain, a bunch of accounts, spamming the same old crap. He makes a living off of it. I've watched spam on reddit with a close eye over the last two weeks, and this guy contributes a fair share of it. Brobot was working, I was getting the guy downvoted in to oblivion and warning people before they clicked his links, which is I think the only way to fight these guys... make it not worth it.

My project is next-to useless if it can be sidestepped by clever spammers. I know you guys must dig watching spammers get foiled and cheated out of their ad-pennies, so help a Brobot out. :)


Pokechu22 commented Oct 8, 2015

This exists if you're a moderator of the subreddit -- /r/subreddit/about/edited. Nothing sitewide though.

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