Next Wiki Update Notes #600

andre-d opened this Issue Dec 14, 2012 · 0 comments

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Putting this here so that others may see it.

  • Delete button which hides pages for everyone unless accessed directly by a mod. At which point, they may undelete it
  • Select first two items of revision list using JS
  • "View source" button, for those who cannot edit, or for old revisions
  • Hide special pages from page list for those who cannot edit them *wontfix
  • Monospace, and do not markdown special pages
  • Allow dashes in page names (No real side effect, some old trac pages have em, and people want it)
  • Create page, page
  • Add page name to class somewhere, to allow per-page styles
  • Put formatting helper below the edit text box


  • Remove target=_blank on page listing, wtf was I thinking


  • .append($.('
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