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Bad background on all buttons on .compact #611

svivian opened this Issue Dec 25, 2012 · 7 comments

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svivian commented Dec 25, 2012

On the mobile site, all the buttons have a solid color background part. Bit difficult to describe precisely so here's a pic:

As you can see in that case it makes the button unreadable. The buttons with the number of comments have a solid blue block behind them also.

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spladug commented Dec 25, 2012

Which browser are you using?

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spladug commented Dec 25, 2012

BTW, we prefer to keep this issue tracker limited to confirmed bugs in the code -- I suggest using /r/bugs or /r/help to solidify a bug report before posting here.


That looks like chrome on iOS, but it happens on mobile safari too

xPaw commented Dec 25, 2012

I can confirm this even in desktop chrome.

svivian commented Dec 26, 2012

@spladug Sorry forgot to mention the browser, it's Chrome on iOS but the same happens on Safari too, and Chrome desktop. Incidentally, it looks fine in Opera but there is no background at all in Firefox.

I dug a bit deeper and found it's due to the border-image CSS property. From a bit of reading it looks like browsers deviated from the spec and Webkit is now adhering to the spec. In short, you need to change 8 stretch to 8 fill on all border-image properties. I found the following selectors but there may be more:

  • .commentcount > .comments
  • .newbutton
  • .newbutton:active, .newbutton:hover, .newbutton[selected], .newbutton.expanded,

BTW the properties prefixed with -webkit appear twice in each selector so you should remove one of them.

svivian commented Jan 17, 2013

@spladug @buttscicles @xPaw any progress on this? Seems like it would be a 5 minute fix (though I don't know how the CSS for reddit is generated). I could probably take a look myself if someone points me in the right direction...


Fixed in ab47d07. Thanks!

@chromakode chromakode closed this Jan 23, 2013
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