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Hi. So I'm curious and wanted to setup my own reddit clone.
I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 server on my machine, it is installed on virtualbox.
I have LAMP setup on my server, so I have a couple directories which have other stuff installed.

So I ran the reddit install script, and it did install, but failed miserably, since whenever I went to the port (8001) that reddit was installed on, it wouldn't connect.

I wanted to find a way to delete it, and stupidly, I removed the reddit directory at /home/reddit
Now several processes (related to reddit) are currently using port 80 so I cannot access my website. I'm not sure if I'm explaining the situation correctly but I can't seem to access my server in the browser.
If you guys can teach me how to just remove reddit and stop it from running it's necessary processes to at least bring me back to the environment I was before running the reddit install script, I'd be more than happy to thank you.

I've actually got it to work once by killing a process that's using port 80 by running the 'netstat -ltnp' command and then finding the process that's on port 80 and killing it. But when I restart my computer the process seems to start again.

I'm a noob so apologizes for everything and also for not explaining better enough.

I hope my only decision is not reinstalling Ubuntu or anything :(
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: okay, so I think I might find a way to getting around this, is by killing the process that's on port 80. Here's an example.

run 'netstat -ltnp | grep 80

then it shows

tcp 0* LISTEN
1413/haproxy (the digit 1413 changes though if lets say the process runs again by itself after killing it)

then I run 'netstat -ltnp | gre 80' again, and if nothing shows up, I'll start Apache and my webserver will be accessible just like normal.

But once I restart the server, apache will fail to start. so my theory is that there is a dependency or process or whatever that the reddit install script has configured and changed it's settings. I really need to revert the settings or changes that have been made through the reddit install script. I hope there actually is a way to this!

But still, I'm getting my way through it, so if you guys can give me any easier solution, it would be great :)

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This tracker is for confirmed bugs in reddit code only. Please post to /r/redditdev for discussions of any problems you may be having.

That said, you should install reddit in a dedicated (most likely virtual) environment. To clean your environment you most likely want to stop haproxy, cassandra, postgres, rabbitmq, and restart whatever you had running previously. For more info on how the install script changes your system, please read it. It's well documented.

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