'load more children' will fail if clicked in comment context #957

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When reading a single comment, i.e., /r/subreddit/comments/id/title/comment_id, the link 'load more comments' at the bottom of the comments will silently fail if the amount of comments is larger than the setting for maximum comments to load.

If the event is viewed in the network tab in Chrome, the result yielded by /api/morechildren is something like this:

{"jquery": [[0, 1, "call", ["t1__"]], [1, 2, "attr", "find"], [2, 3, "call", [".status"]], [3, 4, "attr", "hide"], [4, 5, "call", []], [5, 6, "attr", "html"], [6, 7, "call", [""]], [7, 8, "attr", "end"], [8, 9, "call", []]]}

(Note how it doesn't contain any actual comment data!)
After that, the link turns into "loading...", but won't actually load anything.

I've also noticed that, prior to this, the link will appear outside of the div of the parent comment, which leads me to believe that the javascript function morechildren() is getting confused about the comment context.

I'm sorry if I missed something important, I'm not very active on github, but I did notice this bug happening quite often.

E: Apparently Github is treating HTML-tags as-is, which is why my comment appeared broken. Sorry about that.


Could you link to a specific url which we can reproduce this on?


I tried to find a comment that wasn't drama-ridden... but I think this one'll do. It's just to demonstrate the issue, after all.

I forgot to mention that the maximum comment amount is, at least for me, 500. I think gilded redditors might not experience this issue, since they can view up to 1500 comments at a time. Don't quote me on that, though.

If you have set your maximum comment count to 500, then the issue will appear the second time you click "load more comments" at the bottom.


enterprise quality bugtracking, seriously

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