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Default domain name in same pages is "" instead of reddit-clone domain #968

gianlucaneri opened this Issue · 4 comments

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There are some pages in which the title shown is always "" and not the domain chosen for the reddit-clone site.

in /reddit/r2/r2/lib/validator/ line 534:

if x in ('friends', 'all', ''):

in /reddit/r2/r2/models/ line 1606:

self.title = domain + ' ' + _('on')

The first one is intentional, and isn't a case where it's shown on the site itself. Second one is a good catch, should probably be:

self.title = _('%(domain)s on %(') % {'domain': domain, '': g.domain}

@kemitche kemitche added the i18n label

Ok, but I can assure you that until you modify it manually, all the error pages and some other pages with no template will appear with " somepage" as the title of the page. You change it manually and, bum, it's gone.


The first one is a ID which represents the fake subreddit used for around the site when not in an actual subreddit. (notice the space before as the comment says) If you change it there you need to also change it on and possibly around the site elsewhere..


Ok, we're talking about the same issue: these instances ( I don't know how many) make "" appear in some pages of Reddit-clone sites that are not I think a variable taken from "run.ini" will help administrators of these sites (I discourage from changing the code: you'll have to do it again and again every time the code will be updated).

@kemitche kemitche closed this in 8be1317
@kemitche kemitche referenced this issue from a commit
@kemitche kemitche Parameterize g.domain in DomainSR title.
The domain is not "" on other sites. This also fixes the issue
of doing concatenation of internationalized strings which is a bad idea.
Fixes reddit/reddit#968.
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