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Change midcol width so that 4-number votes aren't clipped #481

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Once you reach a thousand likes, the number is ever so slightly clipped. Changing 5ex to 5.1ex fixes the issue.
The image shows the clipping happening on the first number, after the fix it looks like the second one.

garyking commented Sep 1, 2012

To prevent clipping, personally I've added the following to my Reddit CSS:

.midcol { min-width: 5ex; width: auto; }

Which does the trick for me, because it will keep the same width that Reddit has used for a while, but it also allows it to expand if it ever needs to.

But .midcol isn't always 5ex wide. On subreddits with fewer votes, it can be 4, 3 or even 2ex. Having said that, I'm currently not seeing the problem so I'm guessing they've changed something else in the mean time.

garyking commented Sep 1, 2012

It looks like they essentially bumped up the maximum width from 5ex to 6ex, for four-digit votes. However, 5-digit votes are still clipped. They are, admittedly, rare however, as only five submissions have had 5-digit votes in the past year.

The number is still clipped, though. Look here (change the last digit to a "6" if you don't see it): http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/yuiwf/flight_of_the_conchords_new_song_this_is_hilarious/

I'm seeing 5ex for 4-digit votes? 6ex only seems to be for 5-digit votes.
Anyway, I didn't even know 5-digit votes were possible and my "solution" fails there. Yours doesn't. Want to create a pull request for it?

garyking commented Sep 2, 2012

Nah someone else will come up with a more elegant solution than mine.

garyking commented Oct 4, 2012

Problem still exists. My best solution so far is to use JavaScript to increase all 4-digit midcols from 5.0 ex to 5.1 ex, and all 5-digit midcols (which are very rare) from 6 ex to 6.4 ex.


spladug commented Jul 15, 2013

Thanks for the pull request. This doesn't seem to actually fix things like the President Obama IAMA. I think we're going to need a solution that's client-side (and hopefully get rid of this horrid inline-css muck in the process).

@spladug spladug closed this Jul 15, 2013

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