adding support for rgba as a OK {color} #603

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Note, usage of int on % numbers also taken into account.

Will allow usage of RGBA, thus allowing alpha to be specified on any item where color can be attributed.

thor added some commits Dec 16, 2012
@thor thor adding support for rgba as a OK {color}

Note, usage of int on % numbers also taken into account.
@thor thor added "transparent" as a valid colour
Valid as per CSS1.

Applicable to all elements accepting color as per CSS3.

Also added "transparent" to the allowed list of values.

Has there been a certain discussion on how come some values are in the filter, and how some aren't?

If so, I'm really sorry for sending this pull request as a waste of time. However, if there hasn't been one.. there certainly are many tags that ought to be added.


I haven't tested this change though, which I certainly could do should that prove it a little bit more beneficial. Judging by the macros used though, it should be quite fine.


Why hasn't this been accepted yet?


Why hasn't this been accepted yet?

I can only guess, and in which case I would assume it's due to an aim for updating the cssfilter module itself.

Regardless of that, I do believe this should be pulled in the meanwhile, as an update to the cssfilter surely would be more notable change than adding a filter or two.


Still not accepted :(


Indeed, we are waiting for a library update (last time an update was attempted we tested it and found an infinite loop bug) along with a removal of a lot of these hacks.

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Closing because this has been obviated by the replacement of cssutils with tinycss2. Thanks for the contribution and sorry for it not getting merged.

@spladug spladug closed this Apr 29, 2014
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