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@powerlanguage powerlanguage Updated API (markdown) ceedf96
@powerlanguage powerlanguage Updated API (markdown) 9ad2688
@sjmiller609 sjmiller609 Updated API (markdown) 3c48169
@jarek319 jarek319 Just wanted to add a small change that might help others test things out using Apigee, I was having the hardest time demoing it until I manually added a UserAgent string to the headers. cbbd607
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 280f688
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 06b28ec
@jdubs jdubs Revert 315a9be^...315a9be on API b84c609
@GabrielDu GabrielDu Updated API (markdown) 315a9be
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 428bcf4
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 15722dd
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) d1610b3
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) f62bd5c
@thatJavaNerd thatJavaNerd a comma f500a20
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 99856ae
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) adff8fa
@kemitche kemitche Updated API (markdown) 5dbacbf
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) ffa35a1
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) 874997a
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) 900e92b
@chromakode chromakode Add anchor for rules heading. 25d4c5d
@spladug spladug Major overhaul of wiki. * Various main pages have been cleaned up to present most frequently requested information first. * The API documentation has been removed in favor of /dev/api. * Some dead pages were removed. 80f17fd
@rram rram Add version number to UA example c3474d3
@billyroh billyroh Goes to correct page instead of asking user to manually redirect themselves. e53c05a
@gamefreak gamefreak Updated API (markdown) 57bceed
@bboe bboe Add a link to the automatically generated documentation. b336422
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) 0c823d4
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) 3c688cc
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) a4de83f
@spladug spladug Updated API (markdown) bbe54db
@nguyenmp nguyenmp The instructions for getting more comments were wrong. ba94c41
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