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@Reddy360 Reddy360 Revert ce4464c36b2e7fe1ad6be22dcad2ab3b1f9e334f ... e8c3799ac12000ed701f9e225e8295d895c315bd on API: submit c7ace96
@aman-ur-rehman aman-ur-rehman Created API: submit (markdown) e8c3799
@spladug spladug Major overhaul of wiki. * Various main pages have been cleaned up to present most frequently requested information first. * The API documentation has been removed in favor of /dev/api. * Some dead pages were removed. 80f17fd
@sc0tt sc0tt For submitting self posts, the 'kind' is 'self', not 'text'. If you go to and check on the submitting stories section, you'll see that 'self' is the required value. ce4464c
@Kerrick Kerrick finished! 449a25a
@Kerrick Kerrick got more done. d86b020
@Kerrick Kerrick Created page. Still working, may take a few days since my fiancee is in town. d3bc67d
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