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API: unsave

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Use to unsave a post.

Note: Even though there is no extension, the API still returns JSON.


field sample value explanation
id t3_6nw57 The FULLNAME (see glossary on the API page) of the post you are unsaving.
uh f0f0f0f0... The currently logged in user's modhash (see glossary on the API page).

Example Response

If the reddit_session cookie and uh POST Data are not present in the request, the API will return something like the following:

    "jquery": [
        [0, 1, "attr", "refresh"],
        [1, 2, "call", []],
        [0, 3, "attr", "find"],
        [3, 4, "call", [".error.USER_REQUIRED"]],
        [4, 5, "attr", "show"],
        [5, 6, "call", []],
        [6, 7, "attr", "text"],
        [7, 8, "call", ["please login to do that"]],
        [8, 9, "attr", "end"],
        [9, 10, "call", []]

Otherwise, the API will return the following, indicating the post was unsaved successfully:

Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.