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reddit has a PPA on where packages can be found for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. If a dependency below cannot be satisfied by the Ubuntu 12.04 archives, it will be marked reddit ppa and can be fetched from there. Alternative package managers may provide these packages in the right version natively.


In a simple environment, these can all be run on one machine. For a larger site, they will almost certainly need to be split out to different hosts.

Dependency Version Ubuntu Package(s) Description
PostgreSQL 9.0+ postgresql Robust RDBMS. Used as primary data store.
Cassandra 1.0+ cassandra in (reddit ppa) Distributed database. Slowly becoming primary data store.
memcached 1.4+ memcached Fast in-memory caching server. Used throughout reddit.
RabbitMQ 2.0+ rabbitmq-server AMQP server. Used for offline processing.
HAProxy haproxy Load balancer for distributing requests to app servers.
stunnel patched stunnel (reddit ppa) For HTTPS support. Needs to be a version with the X-Forwarded-For patches on top.


The following libraries are prerequisites before an install can begin. With these requirements satisfied, should be able to take care of the remaining python dependencies.

Dependency Version Ubuntu Package(s) Description
Setuptools 0.6.16+ python-setuptools Python package management.
Python 2.7.x python-dev Headers for building python modules.
libmemcached 0.32+ libmemcached-dev For communication with memcached.
libpq libpq-dev C library for PostgreSQL.
libxml2 libxml2-dev XML Parsing Library (for python's lxml)
libxslt1 libxslt1-dev XSLT library (for python's lxml)
PIL python-imaging This is not strictly necessary as will install it. However, a PyPI-installed copy of PIL will not work out of the box on a Debian/Ubuntu install because it will have trouble finding the C libraries for JPEG / PNG etc.

Misc. Utilities

Dependency Version Ubuntu Package(s) Description
Git git-core reddit code is stored in Git.
GCC gcc Used for compiling python modules etc.
optipng optipng Used to compress auto-generated CSS spritemap and thumbnails.
jpegoptim jpegoptim Used to compress thumbnails.
psql postgresql-client CLI client for managing PostgreSQL. Used by some processing jobs.
make make Build tool.
gettext gettext Tools for internationalization.
node.js 0.6.19+ nodejs (reddit ppa) Javascript environment.
less.js 1.4+ node-less (reddit ppa) CSS Precompiler.
uglify.js 1.3+ node-uglify (reddit ppa) Javascript compression