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Grid Computing Framework

Gaurav Menghani
Anil Harwani
Yash Londhe
Kalpesh Kagresha

0.0.1 - 29th April, 2010

About Grid Computing Framework
The Grid Computing Framework was conceptualised with the idea of providing the user with an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy grid computing infrastructure on a smaller scale. 

The design as such has a lot of flexibilities. The PSS format allows the user to use any language / script for working with the tasks. The Execution Monitor Program (EMP) allows the user to dynamically control the tasks' execution. This can be used for re-execution of tasks which have returned erroneous results, or stopping the execution of tasks whose results are no more required after a particular time. Finally, the Result Compilation Program, provided by the user can be used to arrange the results of the tasks, and present it to the user in his desired format.

The framework was tested with two problems, the first was a distributed sort of about 10^8 32-bit integers. The second problem was breaking a simple 32-bit encryption algorithm. Both the tests were successfull. In general, the framework can solve any problem which can be modelled using the Google Map-Reduce framework . 
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