Redecentralize Radar

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Help people know when decentralized network products reach the stage where they can be used in everyday life.


Form to sign up to be notified by email.

Irregular hand written email, each time a product is found and tested which passes the threshold of "good enough".

Mail includes a very short review with good and bad points about the product.


  • David had the idea
  • Francis is up for writing the mails

Criteria for "good enough"

Deliberately vague on the definition of "good enough". Francis intends to be a benevolent dictator about this. These are some key factors:

  • Product has shipped
  • Home page has clear description of what it is in a way any consumer might understand
  • Working Android and iOS apps available
  • Actually installs and runs and does its job relatively easily
  • There's a small community using it day to day for real
  • It's actually useful
  • It feels good quality