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Replication Web Pages for a JSTVR Paper

This repository contains the subject web pages used in the experimental study of the following research paper:

"Automatically Identifying Potential Regressions in the Layout of Responsive Web Pages"
Thomas A. Walsh, Gregory M. Kapfhammer, and Phil McMinn
Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, 2020

This repository contains the complete source code of the following web sites:

  • issta.cispa

Please note that the authors of the aforementioned research paper are not affiliated with the creators of the above web sites. Moreover, given the rapidly evolving nature of web content, the version of the web site archived in this repository is unlikely to reflect the current version of the site, which also may no longer be publicly available.

Overview of the Subjects

As seen above, the 15 web sites used as subjects in the paper were: "Aftrnoon", a web site for a design studio; "Annette’s Creations", an online shop; "Ashton Snook", the homepage of a visual designer; "Bootstrap", the homepage for the popular web design framework; "Coursera", the well-known provider of massive open online courses; "Denon", a manufacturer of high-end headphones and DJ equipment; "ISSTA 2016", the web site for a software testing conference; "Name Mesh", a site that suggests suitable web domains; "Pay Demand", a web site for businesses to compare rates for credit card processing; "Rebecca Made", a web developer’s showcase; "Reserve", the web site of a mobile application that performs restaurant reservations; "Responsive Process", an educational web site about responsive web design; "Shield", the site of a responsive template and finally, "Treehouse", a platform for technology training. Importantly, these web sites come from a wide variety of application domains, thus ensuring the representativeness of this paper’s empirical results.

Structure of a Subject's Directory

If you inspect the directory for one of the subjects, like, you will find an index/ directory and then directories for each of the mutants of this subject, like mutant1/. Inside of the index/ directory you will find the index.html file that is the main page of the subject used in the paper's experiments and a resources/ directory that contains all of the resources for the subject, including its JavaScript, CSS, and image files. If you look inside of a specific mutant directory, like mutant1/, you will find the automatically modified HTML or CSS files for that specific mutant. Finally, if the name of the mutant is mutant1, then in that mutant's respective directory you will find a mutant1.txt file that describes the changes made to produce the mutant.

Problems or Praise

If you have any problems with installing or using any of the subjects provided for these the purpose of replicating the experimental study in the paper, then please create an issue associated with this repository using the "Issues" link at the top of this page. The authors of the JSTVR paper will do all that they can to resolve your issue and ensure that you can use these subjects in your own experiments.


🌐 A replication package of the web pages used in the experiments of a JSTVR paper.