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The world of Red Eclipse, community discussions and other useful things.
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Welcome to the world of Red Eclipse. A place for user discussions, showcasing maps and mods, and documentation.

If you've ended up at this front page by accident, you're probably looking for the Discussion Area.

We're currently working on porting our old MediaWiki install, if you're interested in porting pages to Markdown for us, please see the Old Wiki repository and start pushing changes to the new Docs Repository.

This board is primarily a development and social environment for those who are working on or with others on the project.

Please be patient when asking questions or seeking other support, not everyone is able to answer your questions. You can expect delays of up to a few hours (or more) for an answer to your queries.

The language used by the majority of the project is English. Please use English when making your posts.


  • Behave: You are a guest in our community.
  • Patience: Don't expect everyone to give you what you want immediately.
  • Thoughtful: Try to answer your own questions before asking us.
  • On Topic: Ask questions related to Red Eclipse only, we won't help you create a game.
  • Speak English: One language unifies us, multiple languages creates chaos.
  • No Slander: Do NOT engage in blatant racism, political or religious debates, or engage in slander over the sex and/or orientation of anyone else.
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