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###Git repo for Strolp

Product Description: Strolp tries to combine the best of both e-commerce and shopping and tries to strike a sweet balance which could be win-win for all the people involved. Selling in bulk has always been beneficial to the retailers. We often see a lot of deals on purchase of bulk quantity of goods rather than individual pieces. Tapping on this concept, with Strolp, a retailer can offer the best possible discounts for a product when people visit them in numbers. The shopper discovers such deals on mobile based on location and indicates interest. As soon as there are enough number of people to avail the deal, a notification is sent to all the shoppers to visit the shop and make the purchase. Strolp also tries to optimize the deals for the retailers using an algorithm which generates dynamic deals based on various factors like the product on which the deal is offered, customer and retailer data, demographics of the region etc.

Team Members: Hannah Xue, Shreyas Kulkarni, Ashwin Ramanathan