A Brainfuck interpreter + King of the Hill Brainfuck tournament, written in Python.
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A Brainfuck interpreter, written in Python.

Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language with an extremely minimalistic syntax. It is considered Turing complete. You can find a deeper explanation along with several examples on Wikipedia.

Important note on implementation: This implementation supports arbitrary high cell values and a dynamically growing memory tape. Therefore there's no wrapping for cells or the tape!


python ./brainfuck.py [-h] [-c CODE|-f FILE] [-i INPUT] [--debug CHAR]

  • -h Display a help message and exits.
  • -c Pass your code as a command-line argument.
  • -f The programm takes the code from an external file with text-based format.
  • -i Define the input for your program.
  • --debug If enabled, a '#' in your brainfuck code will pause to running programm and display useful debugging information. You can change the token by additionaly providing a single character.

Python has to be installed in order to use it. To do so (Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install python

Creating a useful alias:

echo "alias brainfuck='python ~/replace/with/your/directory/brainfuck.py '" >> ~/.bash_aliases

With this one you can use:

brainfuck [-h] [-c CODE|-f FILE] [-i INPUT] [--debug CHAR]

Feel free to modify this code, report bugs, give advices to enhance it or ask questions about the source code (obviously I'm not that good at commenting my code).