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An example project for react-server which demos server rendering, interactivity on the client side, ReactServerAgent, url parameters and logging. Uses api.citybik.es to get data about bike shares and their availability around the world.

To start in development mode:

npm start

Then go to localhost:3000. You will see an index page that shows the covered bike share networks around the world. Each bike share network is a link to a details page that, when clicked, loads an iframe in front of the index page containing a network page for that bike share network, including information about each station in that network, and the number of available bikes the last time that data is available for.

If you want to optimize the client code at the expense of startup time, type NODE_ENV=production npm start. You can also use any react-server-cli arguments after --. For example:

# start in dev mode on port 4000
npm start -- --port=4000

Developing using Docker and Docker Compose

These steps assume you are familiar with docker and already have it installed. Some basics:

  1. Download Docker Toolbox and install it.
  2. Start docker quick start shell
  3. Navigate to where you generated the project
  4. Add a configuration to set the host option to the ip given by docker-machine ip. An example configuration might be like:
  "port": "3000",
  "env": {
    "docker": {
      "host": "Your ip from `docker-machine ip` here"
    "staging": {
      "port": "3000"
    "production": {
      "port": "80"
  1. Now that your system is ready to go, start the containers:
docker-compose build --pull
docker-compose up

The containers will now be running. At any time, press ctrl+c to stop them.

To clean up, run the following commands:

docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm --all
docker volume ls # and get the name of the volume ending in react_server_node_modules
# this name will be different depending on the name of the project
docker volume rm _react_server_node_modules

The configuration included stores the node_modules directory in a "named volume". This is a special persistent data-store that Docker uses to keep around the node_modules directory so that they don't have to be built on each run of the container. If you need to get into the container in order to investigate what is in the volume, you can run docker-compose exec react_server bash which will open a shell in the container. Be aware that the exec functionality doesn't exist in Windows (as of this writing).