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Search/Analyze mails in Gnus
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dianyou 0.0.3

Dianyou (电邮) searches and analyzes mails in Gnus.


Place dianyou.el under Load Path. Then add (require 'dianyou) to your configuration.

It’s also uploaded to The best way to install is Emacs package manager.


M-x dianyou-group-make-nnir-group to search mail in any Gnus buffer. It’s similar to gnus-group-make-nnir-group but supports shortcuts when using IMAP search command.

For example, input s 2w f John, then select “imap” when asked how to search. Mails from John sent since 2 weeks ago are returned.

M-x dianyou-insert-email-address-from-received-mails to insert email address from received mails.

The accessed email address is automatically stored in variable dianyou-email-address-history, which could be persisted by session.

M-x dianyou-switch-gnus-buffer to switch to any Gnus buffer.

M-x dianyou-paste-image-from-clipboard to paste image from clipboard (CLI program xclip should be installed at first).

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