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wucuo (v0.0.3)

Spell check code containing camel case words.

  • Support aspell AND hunspell
  • Works out of box. Forget “–run-together” option of aspell
  • Users have freedom to customize where to spell check and which dictionary to use


wucuo is already uploaded to http://melpa.org. The best way to install is Emacs package manager.


Please install either aspell or hunspell and corresponding dictionaries at first.


Just run M-x wucuo-start. It will setup and start flyspell-mode.

Please note flyspell-prog-mode should not be enabled when using “wucuo”.

flyspell-prog-mode could be replaced by “wucuo”.


Change dictionaries

See wucuo-aspell-language-to-use and wucuo-hunspell-dictionary-base-name

Only check words using certain font faces

(setq wucuo-personal-font-faces-to-check '(font-lock-comment-face))

Flyspell wrongly mark some word as typo

There are three solutions.

Emacs Lisp setup

(defun my-checker (word)
  "If WORD is typo, return t."
(setq wucuo-extra-predicate #'my-checker)

Create personal dictionary for aspell

Run M-x wucuo-create-aspell-personal-dictionary

Create personal dictionary for hunspell

Run M-x wucuo-create-hunspell-personal-dictionary

Speed up checking if aspell is used

(setq ispell-extra-args "--run-together")

Contact me

Report bug at https://github.com/redguardtoo/wucuo.