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echo ""
echo "Creating ArgoCD Project"
# Avoids weird race condition where sometimes two installplans get created
oc new-project argocd
sleep 2
echo ""
echo "Installing Argo CD Operator."
oc apply -k argocd-operator/overlays/default
echo "Pause $SLEEP_SECONDS seconds for the creation and approval of the InstallPlan."
oc rollout status deploy/argocd-operator -n argocd
echo "Listing Argo CD CRDs."
oc get crd | grep argo
echo "Deploying Argo CD instance"
oc apply -k argocd/overlays/default
echo "Waiting for Argo CD server to start..."
oc rollout status deploy/argocd-server -n argocd
echo "Argo CD ready!"