Used to apply OpenShift objects to an OpenShift Cluster
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mpreu and oybed Add module import switch for python3 support (#82)
When using Python3 use `urllib.parse` instead of `urlparse`.
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Welcome to the the home of the openshift-applier Build Status

The openshift-applier is used to apply OpenShift objects to an OpenShift Cluster.

openshift-applier role

For technical details about inventory, role parameters, etc. please see the openshift-applier role README.

openshift-applier playbook

You can either use the role within your playbooks, or you can choose to use the playbooks provided in this repo. Checkout the playbooks area for more details.

openshift-applier container image

To ensure that your execution environment meets all requirements, it is recommended to use the openshift-applier docker image for the executions. Please see the image README for more details on runtime parameters, etc.

Molecule testing

Validates the execution of the openshift-applier role using Molecule. Please see the README inside the molecule directory.


As these repos are under active development, it is strongly recommended to use one of the releases to avoid interruption to your work.