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A script that is used to check that the prerequisites for OpenShift Container Platform are present within the target environment

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Specify location of ansible hostfile
                        Toggle whether or not to show the sha sum of files on
                        remote host
                        Which user will ansible be run as
                        The version of openshift to check against
  --private-registry    Indicates whether or not you are using a private
                        registry for installation
  --nfs-booleans        Indicate whether or not to check fornfs selinux

Sample Usage:

Use the default ansible hosts file, don't show the docker SHA256SUM, use the root user to make ssh connections, check the repositories for OpenShift 3.3, check the nfs SELinux booleans and check that the default docker file has been edited because a private registry is being used

./ --ansible-host-file=/etc/ansible/hosts --show-sha-sums=no --ansible-ssh-user=root --openshift-version=3.3 --nfs-booleans --private-registry

The script will output the follow information during runtime:

Checking to see if ['virt_sandbox_use_nfs', 'virt_use_nfs'] are turned on...
Checking to see if /var/lib/etcd is a partition...
Running 'yum list installed' on
Running 'yum list updates' on
Running 'sestatus' on
Running 'systemctl status docker' on
Running 'subscription-manager status' on
Running 'subscription-manager repos' on
Attempting to forward lookup of
Attempting to reverse lookup of

After the script has completed a colourized, text based, tab formatted report is generated.

  • Words in YELLOW are warnings, these are no show stoppers but are worth paying attention to.
  • Words in GREEN have passed the checks appropriately
  • Words in RED are failures that need to be addressed before the installation may proceed
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