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Knative Tutorial - Introduction to Knative

Knative Tutorial Knative Serving v1.1.0 Knative Eventing v1.1.0 Strimzi Kafka Apache Camel K OpenShift Serverless


Start your serverless journey today with

What is Serverless

Serverless epitomize the very benefits of what cloud platforms promise: offload the management of infrastructure while taking advantage of a consumption model for the actual utilization of services. While there are a number of server frameworks out there, Knative is the first serverless platform specifically designed for Kubernetes and OpenShift.

This tutorial will act as step-by-step guide in helping you to understand Knative starting with setup, understanding fundamentals concepts such as service, configuration, revision etc., and finally deploying some use cases which could help deploying serverless applications.

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Devlopment Site

If you like to try the latest development updates,check the staging site.


Please refer to the how to contribute? on how you can contribute to the tutorial