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apiVersion: org.eclipse.che/v1
kind: CheCluster
name: eclipse-che
# server image used in Che deployment
cheImage: ''
# tag of an image used in Che deployment
cheImageTag: 'nightly'
# image:tag used in Devfile registry deployment
devfileRegistryImage: ''
# image:tag used in plugin registry deployment
pluginRegistryImage: ''
# defaults to `che`. When set to `codeready`, CodeReady Workspaces is deployed
# the difference is in images, labels, exec commands
cheFlavor: ''
# when set to true the operator will attempt to get a secret in OpenShift router namespace
# to add it to Java trust store of Che server. Requires cluster-admin privileges for operator service account
selfSignedCert: false
# TLS mode for Che. Make sure you either have public cert, or set selfSignedCert to true
tlsSupport: false
# protocol+hostname of a proxy server. Automatically added as JAVA_OPTS and https(s)_proxy
# to Che server and workspaces containers
proxyURL: ''
# port of a proxy server
proxyPort: ''
# username for a proxy server
proxyUser: ''
# password for a proxy user
proxyPassword: ''
# a list of non-proxy hosts. Use | as delimiter, eg localhost||
nonProxyHosts: ''
# when set to true, the operator skips deploying Postgres, and passes connection details of existing DB to Che server
# otherwise a Postgres deployment is created
externalDb: false
# Postgres deployment in format image:tag. Defaults to (see pkg/deploy/defaults.go for latest tag)
postgresImage: ''
# persistent volume claim strategy for Che server. Can be common (all workspaces PVCs in one volume),
# per-workspace (one PVC per workspace for all declared volumes) and unique (one PVC per declared volume). Defaults to common
pvcStrategy: 'per-workspace'
# size of a persistent volume claim for workspaces. Defaults to 1Gi
pvcClaimSize: '1Gi'
# instruct Che server to launch a special pod to precreate a subpath in a PV
preCreateSubPaths: true
# image:tag for preCreateSubPaths jobs
pvcJobsImage: ''
# instructs operator on whether or not to deploy Keycloak/RH SSO instance. When set to true provision connection details
externalIdentityProvider: false
# retrieved from respective route/ingress unless explicitly specified in CR (when ExternalKeycloak is true)
# instructs an Operator to enable OpenShift v3 identity provider in Keycloak,
# as well as create respective oAuthClient and configure Che configMap accordingly
openShiftoAuth: false
# image:tag used in Keycloak deployment
identityProviderImage: ''
# your global ingress domain
ingressDomain: ''
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