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An introduction to Eclipse Vert.x - a toolkit to build reactive and distributed systems
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Introduction to Eclipse Vert.x

This repository contains the code developed in the Introduction to Eclipse Vert.x blog post series. Posts composing the series are:

  1. My First Vert.x Application
  2. Eclipse Vert.x Application Configuration
  3. Some REST with Vert.x
  4. Asynchronous data access with Vert.x
  5. Using Reactive eXtensions with Vert.x
  6. Deploying Vert.x applications on Kubernetes and OpenShift - to be published

The code developed for each post is contained in the corresponding folder. Except mentionned otherwise in the blog post, the application can be:

  • build using: mvn package
  • run locally using mvn compile vertx:run
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