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Visual Studio Code Extension Tester

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UI Testing Framework for Visual Studio Code.

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Extension Tester is a package that is designed to help you run UI tests for your Visual Studio Code extensions using selenium-webdriver.


  • Download a test instance of Visual Studio Code
  • Download the appropriate version of ChromeDriver
  • Package and Install your extension into downloaded VS Code instance
  • Launch the VS Code instance using Selenium Webdriver
  • Run your tests


  • Visual Studio Code 1.37+
  • NodeJS <=18.15.x
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • macOS (platform specific limitations, more in Known Issues)


Simply install our package into your extension devDependencies to get started:

npm install --save-dev vscode-extension-tester@latest

Make sure to check out the documentation for detailed instructions.


Our full documentation is located in GitHub Wiki. Included are details about Page Object API and how to setup Mocha tests information.


Something is not working properly? In that case, feel free to open issues, add feature requests, report bugs, etc.

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Contribution Welcomed

If you'd like to help us get better, we appreciate it! Check out our Contribution Guide on how to do that.

Known Issues

We have prepared few answers for most common problems community reported. See Known Issues