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Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code, by Red Hat
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Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code


This Visual Studio Code extension provides support for Quarkus development via:

Quarkus VS Code Commands

The following commands are supported for both Maven and Gradle Quarkus projects:

  • Quarkus: Generate a Quarkus project: Generate a Quarkus project, based on
  • Quarkus: Add extensions to current project: Add Quarkus extensions to currently opened Quarkus project
  • Quarkus: Debug current Quarkus project: Launches the Maven quarkus:dev plugin or the Gradle quarkusDev command and automatically attaches a debugger

Quarkus Features

  • Completion support for Quarkus properties
  • Hover support for Quarkus properties
  • Validation support for Quarkus properties
  • Support for Quarkus profiles
  • Outline support (flat or tree view)

Quarkus code snippets

This extension provides several code snippets, available when editing Java files:

  • qrc - Create a new Quarkus resource class
  • qrm - Create a new Quarkus resource method
  • qtrc - Create a new Quarkus test resource class
  • qntrc - Create a new Quarkus native test resource class

When editing files, you have access to:

  • qds - Configure a Quarkus datasource
  • qj - Configure a Jaeger tracer


Supported VS Code settings

The following settings are supported:

  • : Determines whether to show the welcome page on extension startup.
  • : Determines whether to terminate the quarkus:dev task after closing the debug session.
  • : Insert spaces around the equals sign when formatting the file. Default is false.
  • : Trace the communication between VS Code and the Quarkus Language Server in the Output view.
  • : Show Quarkus properties as tree (Outline). Default is true.
  • : Enables Quarkus validation. Default is true.
  • : Validation severity for duplicate Quarkus properties. Default is warning.
  • : Validation severity for Quarkus property syntax checking. Default is error.
  • : Validation severity for required Quarkus properties. Default is none.
  • : Validation severity for unknown Quarkus properties. Default is warning.
  • : Array of properties to ignore for unknown Quarkus properties validation. Patterns can be used ('*' = any string, '?' = any character). Default is [].

Since 1.3.0:

  • : Enable/disable the URL code lenses for REST services. Default istrue.
  • Determines whether to show the Quarkus extension descriptions when selecting Quarkus extensions. Default is true.



This is an open source project open to anyone. Contributions are extremely welcome!

For information on getting started, refer to the CONTRIBUTING instructions.

CI builds can be installed manually by following these instructions:

  1. Download the latest development VSIX archive from here. (vscode-quarkus-XXX.vsix)

  2. Click View/Command Palette

  3. Type 'VSIX'

  4. Select 'Install from VSIX...' and choose the .vsix file.


File a bug in GitHub Issues.


Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.

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