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ImageFactory plugin for Google Compute Engine.

To use the upload functionality, you need to install the Google API Client
libraries. Easiest is to do this via pip:

  # pip install google-api-python-client

If you don't install this then you will still be able to create base and target
images, but you won't be able to upload them to GCE.

To create an image and upload it to GCE, follow the following 3 steps:

1. Create a base image:

  # imagefactory base_image <template-file>

  This will create a plain disk image in the storage directory.

  The <template-file> argument is the name of the TDL template file.

2. Create a target image:

  # imagefactory target_image gce --id <uuid>

  This will create a .tar.gz image in the storage directory. The archive is a
  sparse tar file, containing a sparse raw disk file. The format is explained

  The <uuid> is the ID of the base image from step #1.

3. Upload to GCE:

  # imagefactory provider_image gce @<bucketname> <serviceaccount-file> --id <uuid>

  This will upload the .tar.gz from step #2 to Google Storage, and create an
  image referring to the uploaded blob in GCE. The image can be used to create
  new instances.

  The <bucketname> is the Google Storage bucket you want to upload to. Note
  that the bucket name is specified with an '@' sign before it.

  The <serviceaccount-file> is the name of a service account JSON file that you
  created via the Google Cloud Platform console. See:

  The <uuid> is the ID of the target image from step #2.

  Available options:

  --parameter gce_object_name <name>
     Use <name> as the object name for the Google Storage blob. Default is to
     use the target image UUID + '.tar.gz'.

  --parameter gce_image_name <name>
     Use <name> as the image name in GCE. Default is to use the target image UUID.

  --parameter gce_image_family <name>
     Use <name> as the image family. Default is not to use an image family.
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