Installing from Source

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If you are trying to use imagefactory on a platform for which install packages do not yet exist, you may want to try manually installing from the source tree.

The following dependencies must be installed for imagefactory to function:

Optional packages will enable features such as syntax highlighted output and logging from multiple threads in debug output:

Each of the plugins have dependencies as well. You only need to install the dependencies for the plugins you plan to use.

If you will be using a secondary imagefactory for proxied access, you'll need to install these packages:

After the dependencies have been installed, you're ready to download and install imagefactory.
NOTE: you should replace the path to site-packages below to the appropriate path for your system.

> git clone git://
> cd imagefactory
> sudo python ./ sdist install
> cd imagefactory-plugins
> sudo python ./ sdist install
> sudo mkdir /etc/imagefactory/plugins.d
> cd /etc/imagefactory/plugins.d
> for PLUGIN in `ls /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/imagefactory_plugins |grep -v .py`
  do sudo ln -s -v /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/imagefactory_plugins/$PLUGIN/$ ./$

Now you're ready to start the imagefactoryd daemon or use the imagefactory command to work with your images.

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