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RDO Project Easyfix

The RDO Easyfix project is a collection of issues that we consider "easy to fix". It is meant as a way to help people begin contributing to the RDO project.

I am new to the RDO Project, How can I contribute?

  • Check for open easyfix issues
  • Each issue includes the IRC nick of a mentor.
  • Read the issue carefully and go through the links attached to issue.
  • If you aren't able to understand, join the IRC channel #rdo on Freenode.
  • Contact the mentor regarding the issue, they will help you move forward.

I want to add an easyfix issue

  • Go to issues and file the issue.
  • Clearly describe the problem to be solved.
  • Include the project name as a tag in the issue title (e.g., a DLRN issue would be tagged with [DLRN] as in [DLRN] Proofread documentation)
  • Add steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Add links which will help to understand the problem.
  • Add your IRC nickname.
  • Add information about where someone can contribute changes.
  • Always include a link to the project source code.

I'm still confused, what should I do?

I want to become mentor, What should I do?

Checklist for sending your first RDO gerrit Review:

  • Run git checkout -b easyfix/<#easyfix_issue_number> to create and checkout to a new branch on the issue you are working
  • Add the changed files using git add <modified files> command.
  • Then, run git commit command, It will open a editor to write a commit message.
  • In the commit message:
    • First line: What you have fixed?
    • Second Line: Fixed for issue RDO easy Fix issue link
  • Save the file.
  • Run git review to send the RDO gerrit review.
  • If something went wrong, you can run git commit --amend to change the commit message.
  • We can download specific RDO gerrit review using git review -d <RDO review number>


  • Alfredo Moralejo (amoralej)
  • Alan Pevec (apevec)
  • Chandan Kumar (chandankumar)
  • David Moreau Simard (dmsimard)
  • Haikel Guemar (number80)
  • Jakub Ružička (jruzicka)
  • Javier Pena (jpena)
  • Rich Bowen (rbowen)
  • Lars Kellogg-Stedman (larsks)
  • Jon Schlueter (jschlueter/yazug)