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Merge pull request #38 from lhh/master

local_settings: Fix file context addition on upgrade
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jpichon committed Aug 23, 2019
2 parents 265d5e8 + 2ab4fae commit 50e6b423528d9d9bc0f20241d3013a54f6d75111
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@@ -96,7 +96,15 @@ set_file_contexts()
fcontext -N -$1 -t cluster_var_log_t \"$LOCALSTATEDIR/log/pacemaker\.log.*\"
fcontext -N -$1 -t cluster_var_log_t \"$LOCALSTATEDIR/log/pacemaker(/.*)?\""

echo "$INPUT" | $SBINDIR/semanage import -N
# Load these one by one so upgrades work properly.
# TODO (future): Make upgrades (only) do one by one;
# install/remove can do batches to save time.
while read; do
eval semanage $REPLY &> /dev/null
done < <(echo "$INPUT")

# TODO (future): install/remove can do this to save time
# echo "$INPUT" | $SBINDIR/semanage import -N

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