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Updating TOC, adding contributing and contact docs.
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* [Enforcing an OpenStack Director-style interface order](#enforcing-an-openstack-director-style-interface-order)
* [Enforcing a Foreman-style interface order](#enforcing-a-foreman-style-interface-order)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific device](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-device)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific mac address](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-mac-address)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific type](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-type)
* [Forcing a one-time boot to PXE](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-pxe)
* [Rebooting a System](#rebooting-a-system)
@@ -28,6 +29,8 @@
* [Log to File](#log-to-file)
* [iDRAC and Data Format](#idrac-and-data-format)
* [Dell Foreman and PXE Interface](#dell-foreman-and-pxe-interface)
* [Contributing](#contributing)
* [Contact](#contact)

# Badfish
Badfish is a Redfish-based API tool for managing bare-metal systems via the [Redfish API](
@@ -193,3 +196,20 @@ Your usage may vary, this is what our configuration looks like via ```config/idr
| Dell r720xd | NIC.Integrated.1-3-1 |
| Dell r730xd | NIC.Integrated.1-3-1 |
| Dell r740xd | NIC.Integrated.1-3-1 |

## Contributing
We love pull requests and welcome contributions from everyone! Please use the `development` branch to send pull requests. Here are the general steps you'd want to follow.

1) Fork the Badfish Github repository
2) Clone the forked repository
3) Push your changes to your forked clone
4) Open a pull request against our `development` branch.

* Here is some useful documentation
- [Creating a pull request](
- [Keeping a cloned fork up to date](

## Contact

* You can find us on IRC in `#quads` on `` if you have questions or need help. [Click here]( to join in your browser.

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