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Merge pull request #90 from grafuls/development

Fix for boot order indexes
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sadsfae committed Mar 13, 2020
2 parents 463869d + b6d83e4 commit 4b7874d9b7c103948f3f9a7209e42cba4045f2a0
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@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@ def change_boot_order(self, _interfaces_path, _host_type):
diff = [device for device in interfaces if device not in valid_devices]
self.logger.warning("Some interfaces are not valid boot devices. Ignoring: %s" % ", ".join(diff))
change = False
for i, interface in enumerate(interfaces):
for i, interface in enumerate(valid_devices):
for device in boot_devices:
if interface == device[u"Name"]:
if device[u"Index"] != i:

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