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Update TOC for boot-to-mac.

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sadsfae committed Feb 12, 2020
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* [Enforcing an OpenStack Director-style interface order](#enforcing-an-openstack-director-style-interface-order)
* [Enforcing a Foreman-style interface order](#enforcing-a-foreman-style-interface-order)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific device](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-device)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific mac address](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-mac-address)
* [Forcing a one time boot to a specific type](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-a-specific-type)
* [Forcing a one-time boot to PXE](#forcing-a-one-time-boot-to-pxe)
* [Rebooting a System](#rebooting-a-system)

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