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@RedhawkDeployer RedhawkDeployer released this Mar 15, 2019

The effort in REDHAWK 2.2.2 focused on:

  • Updating the redhawk.attach() call to not cache domains anymore. Instead, the last connected CORBA ORB is cached and subsequent calls make sure the ORB is still valid.
  • Fixing refresh and NPE issues in the REDHAWK Explorer view. Event channels are now properly connected on Domain Manager restarts. ClientMessageReceptor threads no longer grow unbounded.


The following fixes were completed in REDHAWK 2.2.2:

Core Framework Fixes

  • Rebinded domain event channels to their domain context name and not their fully qualified name used in the Event Service.
  • Restored ODM and IDM channels when the persistence database file is present.
  • Resolved issue with creating IDM_Channel when DeviceManager does not unregister properly due to failed execution.

Documentation Fixes

  • Removed references to 32-bit OS versions that are no longer supported.

Special Resolution

The following previously reported Known Issues have been closed in REDHAWK 2.2.2 with the following resolutions:

Core Framework Special Resolutions

  • GPP NIC affinity blacklist test is using the wrong CPU list - Cannot Reproduce - This bug could not be reproduced against REDHAWK 2.2.2.
  • testForceOverride can't grab 2nd socket in vm with one socket - Won't fix - This behavior only affects the REDHAWK 2.0.x series.
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