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@RedhawkDeployer RedhawkDeployer released this Jun 17, 2019

The effort in REDHAWK 2.2.3 focused on:

  • Adding a note in the REDHAWK Manual about compiling REDHAWK with newer versions of GCC that default to the C++11 standard.
  • Adding code to DomainEventReader to recognize and handle object-removed events.
  • Adding the Querying and Configuring Components and Devices section in the REDHAWK Manual to include instructions on how to interact with properties from programs in C++, Java, or Python.
  • Resolving a missing symbol issue for C++ bulkio::SampleDataBlock::copy() methods.
  • Improving how gpp_setup responds to the host processor. If the processor cannot be determined, user input is requested.
    Adding the section, Setting Host Architecture/Computer Processor Name, to the Troubleshooting appendix of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Correcting the Domain Manager's behavior when a DCD has an improperly-defined connection (for example, an incorrect port name) between a device and a service. The Domain Manager now correctly completes all other valid connections defined in the DCD.
  • Correcting the Device Manager's behavior to successfully reconnect with the Domain Manager in the event that the Domain Manager has to be reset.
  • Modifying the getPacket function in Java to limit logging, which allows garbage collection to keep up when the argument in getPacket is set to zero.
  • Resolving the following issues related to shared memory transport:
  • Rapidly stopping and restarting components with BulkIO shared memory connections could lead to crashes or aborts.
  • Incorrect display of owner PID for shared memory heaps in redhawk-shminfo.
  • Resolving issue within the ProcessThread base class in C++ to take into account an updated delay value.
  • Providing the following updates related to generating a component using createOctaveComponent:
  • The contents of the SCD file are generated by inspecting the ports to list the interfaces.
  • The contents of the SoftPkg ID is based on a DCE:<uuid> instead of the m-file.
  • Correcting behavior when an allocation of an FEI device fails. The frontend_tuner_status is not updated with the failed allocation's values.


The following improvements were added in REDHAWK 2.2.3:

Documentation Improvements

  • Added documentation regarding object creation and garbage collection in Java components' and devices' serviceFunction.


The following fixes were completed in REDHAWK 2.2.3:

Core Framework Fixes

  • Resolved issue ensuring --useloglib tab complete now works with nodeBooter.
  • Added a helpful error message that is displayed when Naming Service is not running.
  • Provided the correct commit hash and build timestamp in RPM header.
  • Updated test to override methods in unittest.TestProgram, for Python versions < 2.7, to skip tests related to Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) when the host does not support NUMA.
  • Lowered NIC thresholds for Core Framework (CF) regression testing.
  • Changed setup and teardown code to prepare the state of /dev/shm to allow the test to operate properly.
  • Increased wait time in testBusyLoadAvg test to allow CPU load average to settle.
  • Updated code to properly identify CPUs on virtual machines.
  • Fixed failures with unit test test_ExecParamToConstruct_py.
  • Fixed intermittent failures for unit test test_DeviceBadOverload.
  • Resolved issue for GPP to correctly identify CPU affinity for network interfaces that support RX/TX queues.
  • Changed wait conditions in the test script so that DevCppPyJavaDeps no longer fails intermittently.
  • When the Python sandbox exits and it has a reference to a Device Manager, the deactivation of the object no longer raises an exception if the object no longer exists.
  • Updated test_API_remap to account for new versions of omniORBpy.
  • Added better regression testing checks to deal with slower CI infrastructure.
  • Added device checks throughout Core Framework tests to reduce false errors.
  • Added smarter check to test_MessageMarshalJava to support slower continuous integration.
  • When a property is configured, if the new value is the same as the old value, the property change callback in the component/device is not triggered.
  • Using getPacket(0) no longer leads to large memory growth in Java components.

IDE Fixes

  • Corrected a resource leak in the command-line plotter.
  • Addressed code quality issues.
  • Corrected an issue with the JavaFileFileImplTest.close() unit test.
  • Fixed an error in configuring dataBit plots.
  • Improved the robustness of Domain Manager refresh in the Explorer view so that it is less likely to require a manual refresh when the Domain Manager is unexpectedly terminated and restarted.
  • Added a very short duration cache of metadata for SCA filesystem objects to reduce network traffic.
  • Corrected the FrontEndDataProvider to now only listen to the data provider preference to enable/disable the FrontEnd tuners shown in the REDHAWK Explorer view.

Documentation Fixes

  • Modified a reference to Allocating a FrontEnd Tuner.
  • Corrected capitalization on the REDHAWK Core Assets page.
  • Corrected an incomplete sentence in the Manually Including External Libraries section of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Updated references to the node definition file to use dcd.xmlrather than DCD.
  • Fixed typos in the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Improved information in the Message Producer and Message Consumer sections of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Revised RF Allocation information in the Distributed Computing and RF Devices section of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Corrected capitalization of terms and references to interfaces in the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Corrected the term "Linux domain sockets" with "Unix domain sockets" in the Getting Started with REDHAWK Guide and in the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Corrected capitalization of the acronyms, "TCP" and "GIOP" in the Optimization appendix.
  • Removed bash from code blocks in the Logging Configuration Plugin appendix.
  • Updated the documentation repository releases file to enable the manuals to display in release version during development.
  • Fixed capitalization inconsistencies.
  • Corrected inconsistency of terms in the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Removed bash from code blocks in the Configuring Logger Settings and Adjusting Logging at Runtime sections of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Updated the New Domain Manager dialog and revised text in Connecting to a Running Domain section.
  • Removed references to 1.8 version of REDHAWK in the External Dependencies appendix.
  • Fixed improper sub-section headings in the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Fixed a missing reference and corrected an example class name in the Writing Your Own Event Consumer section of the REDHAWK Manual.
  • Removed references to 32-bit OS versions that are no longer supported.
  • Updated the REDHAWK Manual to include introductory sentences after section headings and before tables to describe the information being presented.
  • Updated REDHAWK runtime dependency information to include bash-completion, which enables tab completion when running the nodeBooter command.
  • Updated the GitHub link on the manuals website pages.

Special Resolution

The following previously reported Known Issues have been closed in REDHAWK 2.2.3 with the following resolutions:

IDE Special Resolutions

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