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Burp Suite extension to discover assets from HTTP response.
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BurpSuite Extension - Asset Discover

Burp Suite extension to discover assets from HTTP response using passive scanning. Refer our blog Asset Discovery using Burp Suite for more details.


Passively parses HTTP response of the URLs in scope and identifies different type assets such as domain, subdomain, IP, S3 bucket etc. and lists them as informational issues.


  • Setup the python environment by providing the jython.jar file in the 'Options' tab under 'Extender' in Burp Suite.
  • Download the extension.
  • In the 'Extensions' tab under 'Extender', select 'Add'.
  • Change the extension type to 'Python'.
  • Provide the path of the file ‘’ and click on 'Next'.


  • Add a URL to the 'Scope' under the 'Target' tab. The extension will start identifying assets through passive scan.


Code Credits

A large portion of the base code has been taken from the following sources:


The project is available under MIT license, see LICENSE file.

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