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Redis stores for ActiveSupport
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Redis stores for ActiveSupport

redis-activesupport provides a cache for ActiveSupport.

For guidelines on using our underlying cache store, see the main redis-store readme.

For information on how to use this library in a Rails app, see the documentation for redis-rails.

If, for some reason, you're using ActiveSupport::Cache and not in a Rails app, read on to learn how to install/use this gem by itself!

A quick note about Rails 5.2

Rails 5.2.0 includes a Redis cache store out of the box, so you don't really need this anymore if you're generating a new Rails application. We are no longer accepting new features for this gem, only pull requests for security and compatibility fixes will be accepted.


# Gemfile
gem 'redis-activesupport'


If you are using redis-store with Rails, consider using the redis-rails gem instead. For standalone usage:

ActiveSupport::Cache.lookup_store :redis_store # { ... optional configuration ... }

Running tests

gem install bundler
git clone git://
cd redis-activesupport
bundle install
bundle exec rake

If you are on Snow Leopard you have to run env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" bundle exec rake


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2009 - 2013 Luca Guidi -, released under the MIT license

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