Unable to connect to multiple servers since upgrading from #140

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We've been using redis-store for awhile now, but with the recent update to 1.1.0 (and 1.1.1), we are no longer able to connect to multiple cache servers. In the past (i.e. version, we were passing an array that looks like:

["ip-10-110-245-57.ec2.internal:6579/1/stipple_cache", "ip-10-122-90-206.ec2.internal:6579/1/stipple_cache"]

as our config. This no longer works as of 1.1.0, and the cache just tries to connect to localhost on port 6379. Is there new syntax for this, or do I need to downgrade?


I should note that I've also tried with pedantic url strings (redis://host:port/db/namespace) without success.


How are you passing this into the initializer? We have an example in the tests: http://git.io/LZ4Qvw.


I'm doing it in the environment config:

config.cache_store = :redis_store, ["ip-10-110-245-57.ec2.internal:6579/1/stipple_cache", "ip-10-122-90-206.ec2.internal:6579/1/stipple_cache"]

Do I need to explicitly pass the servers in the :servers key now, like the test?


Yes, give that a shot. I'm debugging a similar issue with #139.

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@mhoran any news on this?


I believe the :servers setting should work as we do in the tests (https://github.com/jodosha/redis-store/blob/master/redis-actionpack/test/dummy/config/initializers/session_store.rb), but it's been a while since I twiddled those bits.

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