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redis-store 1.1 and later doesn't work with latest Sinatra #141

deepj opened this Issue · 3 comments

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if I try to use use Rack::Session::Redis with last redis-store gem in my basic sinatra app so it returns this

uninitialized constant Rack::Session::Redis

With version I don't have this kind of a problem.

@jodosha jodosha was assigned

Can you please gist your configuration? Thanks.


Got the same problem, solved it by adding require 'redis-rack' before use Rack::Session::Redis

Including redis-sinatra doesn't seem to include redis-rack, is it intended?


I had exactly the same problem with sinatra.

I had gem redis-store in my Gemfile, which caused use Rack::Session::Redis to throw the following in sinatra's config block:

../main.rb:30:in `block in class:Main': uninitialized constant Rack::Session::Redis (NameError)

Installing redis-rack and replacing redis-store with redis-rack to the Gemfile fixed it.

The docs I've seen suggest requiring redis-store (e.g., but it appears that the correct thing to load is redis-rack

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