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Set-Cookie issues #4

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I can only assume this has to do with redis-store because it only pops up with redis-store. When I run cucumber, I get errors from webrat about `visit page_path(page_name)', and when running cucumber with -b, I get an error that points to:

/Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/actionpack-2.3.5/lib/action_controller/integration.rb:327:in `process'

Which is:

(@headers['Set-Cookie'] || "").split("\n").each do |cookie|
name, value = cookie.match(/^([^=])=([^;]);/)[1,2]
@cookies[name] = value

More precisely:

name, value = cookie.match(/^([^=])=([^;]);/)[1,2]

The issue is that @headers['Set-Cookie'] is returning:

" \nfoo=bar;"

So, `(@headers['Set-Cookie'] || "").split("\n").each do |cookie|' is passing an empty string to cookie, and then grabbing a MatchData#[] on an empty set raises an error.

Sessons break. Is this an issue with redis-store? I don't have this issue anywhere else.



I don't think this is a redis-store issue. This came up for me with Rails 2.3.8 and Rack 1.1.0. There's a ticket open here:

I used a piece of custom middleware to fix it:

@jodosha jodosha closed this
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